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You found us! The Official Ames High School Alumni Association Web Site

Official Reunions, Official AHS Ames Hi Aims High Motto, Official Calendars, Official "Some Have Left Us" , Official AHSAA Newsletters, and much much more

Beware of many copycats that look similar to our site, don't be fooled, this is the only Official AHS Ames High School, Ames, Iowa Alumni Association web site. There are only two (2) official addresses for the AHS Alumni Assoication: and, any other sites are not affilated with Ames High School.

Beware of dubious copycat alumni or reunion websites that spam your email claiming to be "your" Alumni website. Copycats have addresses similar to our 2 official addresses, copycats look similar to our Alumni site, and to fool you they might have a photo of our high school, and might even have our correct school colors. example 1 and example 2 of just a few of the many copycats and others experiences with them.

Telltale signs that distinguish the real Ames High Alumni Association from the copycats:

  1. Warning, the official AHSAA does NOT offer lifetime memberships. A recent new twist that has just come to our attention. Copycats contact our Alumni offering lifetime memberships. Don't fall for this, this is not the real AHSAA. We do not offer lifetime memberships, and sorry about that, we never will. Why? Because we need and want to keep in contact with you and one great way to keep in contact is to periodically renew your AHSAA membership.
  2. Warning: Copycats will tell you someone has looked at your online profile and wants to re-connect with you, then charge a fee to show you who it was. The real AHSAA website is open to everyone all the time for no fee. If you want to re-connect there is no charge.
  3. Warning: Copycats want your credit card information (NEVER give credit card or other information to a copycat). The real AHSAA only accepts checks or money orders. Sorry, we know it is a bit old fashioned, but it has worked well for 21 years and is one sure fire way to know the AHSAA is for real.
  4. Warning: Copycats will entice you into signing up for a free account then will charge your credit card an unathorized charge, then will charge you again and again. Do not give your credit card or other information to copycats.
  5. Warning: Copycats are not affilated with Ames High School. We are!! We are the official AHSAA
  6. Copycats will spam your email over and over and probably not know your full name and never know your maiden name. There are exceptions, but the real AHSAA will normally only send you an email if you contact us first.
  7. Copycats have advertising on every page. We have 0 zero ads
  8. Copycats have multiple high schools. As far as we are concerned, there is only one AHS .
  9. Copycats don't have a Contact AHSAA button on every page, with real AHS Alumni that personally answer your questions, and the real AHSAA has a Contact us link on every page. Go ahead, scroll down and look on this page.
  10. Copycats don't have an archive of AHS Alumni newsletters from 22+ years. The AHSAA does.
  11. Copycats don't have a "Some Have Left Us" database. The real AHSAA keeps an up to date database of all our alumni that have "Left Us".
  12. Copycats don't have a school history area (because they don't know our history).
  13. Copycats don't know how to spell the AHS Motto correctly.

AHSAA was created under the Ames Education Foundation and sanctioned by the Ames Community School District (ACSD).