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Address change as of September 1, 2022. Please note:

New address of the brand new Ames High School is 1801 Ridgewood Ave

Old AHS address was 1921 Ames High Drive and is obsolete

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Click one of the above forms. We would love to have the filled out membership form but its not imperative, if no printer is handy then simply write a check, in the memo write your name (maiden name too), class year, and X number of years for membership dues and how much is for a donation. It wouldn't hurt to include your email and/or phone number.

Dec 1 2020 AHSAA directories are now only $15 with free shipping or $10 if you pick up. Find them on the order forms above

U.S. mailing address: 1 yr $10.00 2 yrs $18.00 3 yrs $25.00 International mailing address: 1 yr $20.00 2 yrs $36.00 3 yrs $50.00

3 year membership is the best value, and you receive 9 newsletters over the next 3 years.

Gifts or contributions to AHSAA are greatly appreciated and donations to both the Ames Education Foundation and the Ames High School Alumni Association are tax deductible.

The membership FAQ will tell you how to find out when your AHSAA membership expires.