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Some AHS Have Left Us
updated 3/20/2018

The Some Have Left Us database contains a total of 6,303 AHS Alumni, Teachers, and non-graduates. Made up of 5946 AHS deceased alumni, 346 deceased AHS teachers, and 14 deceased non-graduates.

Current 2018 Previous 2015 Previous 2011
3/20/2018 6/22/2015 4/14/2011 Date Updated
6,303 5,847 5,252 Total Deceased
5,946 5,505 4,939 Alumni
346 329 303 Teachers
14 13 10 Non graduates

To narrow your search, please select a particular year. Keep in mind this is the graduation year for the AHS deceased alumni you are searching for. For example: to view the Some Have Left Us listings for 1945 AHS graduates, scroll up and select 1945 in the text box below then click View Year. AHS Teachers are listed under the year 1000, and non-graduate members are listed under year 1100.

Some information is incomplete. If you have more information, or unreported deaths, please advise the AHSAA by clicking the Contact AHSAA button at the top of bottom of this page. The online deceased database on this website was last updated 3/20/2018 (previously updated 6/11/2015 and before that updated 4/14/2011). To see the latest deceased information join (at ) the AHSAA for 8 dollars and receive current deceased records in each AHSAA newsletter mailed 3 times per year.
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