First Live Eleventy File in Production

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Nov 21, 2021 6:00

AHSAA First Live Eleventy File in Production !!

Wow!!! I've been away from my computers for 2 weeks! In North Carolina working on rebuilding homes damaged by Hurricane Florence which occured 3 years ago in 2018. I went with the Brethren Ministries Disaster organization. It was a great 2 weeks. I do that once per year for 2 weeks. That was my 12th trip and I love them.

So, today I needed to update the calendar of events for the Alumni website and I was getting tired of maintaining 2 sets of files while I am doing this major overhaul of the AHSAA website so instead of editing the original file and then editing the new Eleventy file so they are syncronized, instead I just edited the new Eleventy version of the calendar.html file and then thought what can I do that is easier. Well, I could go into my Eleventy build folder and see if that generated Calendar.html file looks close to the original live calendar.html file. It does! This is because I have been careful about keeping files in the the same directory structure. So, after editing src/calendar.html with the changes I needed, I let Eleventy do its thing and it generated an output calendar.html file. I copied build/calendar.html to my original live ATOM editor project then FTP uploaded it to the live site. This was exciting. My first Eleventy file in production. It didn't work ... Hmmm. The formatting was all text like and no nice theme look. Ahhhhh I did make one major change. I had put all my CSS files into a new folder called css I thought css was more descriptive than style. So I copied the entire css folder and all the files in that directory into my live ATOM project and then uploaded from there via FTP to the website and WOW it works and looks good and it is FAST !! The new Eleventy file does not use any server side includes such as this line taken from the old calendar.html file:

Ames High School Alumni Assoc
Ames Iowa, Ames High School alumni header image w Little Cyclone mortor board and tassle

All the headers, footers, and other include files are already in the html file that Eleventy genterated.

This is super fun now!!! :-)