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by Author Aaron Dietz AHS 1993

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April 12, 2011

by Author Aaron Dietz AHS 1993

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Do you need a new job? Does the world need another superhero?

You see the connection, don't you? If you had the chance to save lives ... could you handle the adventure? The pressure, the risk, the grotesque, the insane? Most of all, could you handle your humanity? Update your resume, 'cause here we go. Either stick with being sucked down further into your life, or earn the lift-off of the elite.

Aaron Dietz debut novel moves with an experimental edge into America's heroic mythology. Structured as a novel-length job application for a superhero agency, Dietz uses his iron touch to explore themes that go far deeper than the swashbuckling world of comics and costumes. It's a story about commitment, ability, bureaucracy, possibility, crisis, and heartbreak. Super.

If you liked Aaron Dietz first novel, "Super" then you will love his first book: "Reserved for Emperors"

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