Alumni Newsletter
Volume 10, Issue 3
December, 1999
Table of Contents

The Ames High School Alumni Newsletter (ISSN 1055-5196) is published three times a year by the Ames High School Alumni Association (AHSAA). Membership in the AHSAA is $6 for 1 year, $11 for two years, $15 for three years. Membership is open to everyone, not just Ames High School alumni. The AHSAA meets monthly at 7:30 p.m. on the third Tuesday of the month in the AHSAA Office, Room 22, Ames High School. Everyone is welcome to attend. The Ames High School Alumni Association can be contacted as follows: 1921 Ames High Drive --and-- Fax: (515) 232-7746 e-mail: info (at) Ames, IA 50010

Favorite Alumna Award Presented
Athletic Hall-of-Fame Presents Awards
Alumni were Home for Homecoming
Alumni Still Aiming High
Catching up in Colorado
Alumni and Harleys go together
AHS Yesterday
(excerpts from AHS Spirits)
AHS Today
Thank you for all the donations
“Once Upon a Time” by I. W. (Red) Milliken
Ames Education Foundation - A Year in Review
We Get Letters...
Museum opens in Ames
www = web woes worsen
End of the year -- check your membership

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