Page 8 AHS 1991 Spring Summer

Volume 2 Issue 2 1991 AHSAA newsletter scanned by Ed Hendrickson Jr in 2007

1991 page 8 AHS spring-summer Newsletter volume 2 issue 2

1991 page 8 Ames High School Alumni Assoc. spring-summer newsletter volume 2 issue 2

Page 8 Volume 2, Issue 2, Spring - Summer 1991 AHS Alumni Association Newsletter

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Page 8 (the back page) of Volume 2, Issue 2, Spring - Summer 1991 AHS Alumni Association Newsletter

Ideas for a fun summer with other Ames High grads! Try a rendezvous wherever you live now. We'll supply the mailing labels and list for any alumni who want to gather folks in their area. There are lots of AHS folk in Colorado, for example.

We need your help! If you haven't paid your dues, please do! If you haven't written to us, please do! If you haven't come to a meeting and you live nearby, please do!

We'll be getting our own office (shared with pep council) this fall at Ames High. We also have a room to store our marketing items and banners, etc. (Well. it's more like a big closet, but we're proud of it.) We even get a bulletin board to display alumni items and news. If you're at the high school after mid-June check it out.

We held a “bring a friend" contest at our last meeting. The idea was to bring someone new to the meeting and then take them out for ice cream. I brought Valerie Lacey ‘ 82 who was recently named Woman of the Year by her chapter of American Business Women's Association. She'll go on to compete nationally this fall in Las Vegas. Val is a cosmetologist with ManStyle (Finesse Imagemakers Corporation) as well as manager and trainer in Redken product knowledge. (Honest, I didn't make her come because we work together. She's just that kind of involved person looking for a new challenge.)

We sponsored something new this year - a Student Leadership Workshop held March 25 to teach 100 Ames High students leadership skills. It will help expand the base of leaders at Ames High and it only cost us $100. A sound investment in the future!

We again sponsored the senior class picnic, a scholarship and (also new) the honors banquet. Little by little we have an impact!

Mary Lokken Jackson '67, Editor


Alan F. Miller AHS '81 sent a donation in the name of everyone who was part of the faculty during the years he attended AHS. "You were the greatest and I will never forget you," said Miller.

Other donations received were from

Ruth Cole Jackson AHS '30 Rosemary lverson Wilson AHS ‘48
Hennann A. Allen AHS '37 Martha Anderson AHS '44
James Marken AHS '62 Lois Erickson Knutson AHS ‘44
& Linda Fleming Marken AHS '63 Richard E. Paulson AHS '29
Minnie E. Barger Parker AHS '28 Diana Marcum Skogsbergh AHS '76
Bill 8:. Judy Gulliver AHS '56 Margaret C. Anderson AHS '32
Shirley Daw AHS ‘54 Diana D. Schoenemarm AHS ‘8l
Jean Buck AHS ‘53 Henry O. McElyea AHS '28
Jan L. Egemo AHS '56 Mary R. Amick AHS '50
Donald James Bundy AHS '54 Robert & Jane Ellis AHS '56
Carol Nicklaus AHS '73 Paul H. V. Swanson AHS '35
Raymond & Dorma Bymes AHS ‘42 Sally Haverly AHS ‘50
Frances I. Thayer AHS '36 Phyllis Williams AHS '38
Peggy Lee Koch AHS ‘59 Doris Burton AHS ‘38
Allan F. Miller AHS '81 Bonnie Bruce Callahan AHS '51
E. Frances Gunder Ellis AHS ‘37 Margaret Hillyard Erickson AHS '61
Joyce C. Maller AHS '47


In memory of Robert S. McCullough AHS '33 from Carl E. & Jean C. Bates
In memory of Howard Gore AHS '21 from daughter Beverly Gore Arrasmith AHS ‘49
In memory of Judy Thompson AHS '67 from Luetta Huisman
In memory of Marjanne Meads Baker AHS '44 from husband Bob Baker

20th & Ridgewood
Ames, Iowa 50010

Address Correction Requested



Page 8 back page of Volume #2, Issue #2, Spring - Summer 1991 AHS Alumni Association Newsletter

1991 Page 8 volume 2, issue 2, spring - summer AHS Alumni Association Newsletter

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