Page 6 AHS 1991 Spring Summer

Volume 2 Issue 2 1991 AHSAA newsletter scanned by Ed Hendrickson Jr in 2007

1991 page 6 AHS spring-summer Newsletter volume 2 issue 2

1991 page 6 Ames High School Alumni Assoc. spring-summer newsletter volume 2 issue 2

Page 6 Volume 2, Issue 2, Spring - Summer 1991 AHS Alumni Association Newsletter

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Blythe Cessna Vance, teacher

One of Ames' oldest living faculty members celebrated her 100th birthday a few weeks ago on April 27. She is Blythe Cessna Vance. She came to Ames in 1915 and taught 8th grade. She later married Dr. Thomas Vance, who for 42 years was Professor of Psychology at Iowa State. Four of their children graduated from Ames High. They are Gerry '32, Virginia Merrill '39, Paul '39, and Frank '49.

Two Lane Track Project

This summer I will be asking former Little Cyclone athletes to contribute to a second athletic department building project. Six years ago, with the cooperation of the Litde Cyclone football quarterback club, a mailing went out to fonner AHS football players asking for fmancial help to improve the football stadium facilities.

We received a great response and Jerry Carney, president of the Booster Club, organized the project. The project included pouring concrete on the sidelines, where the players usually stood in dirt or mud, and covering the concrete with Astro Turf. They also did the same for the track finishline area This greatly improved the appearance of the stadium

Our next project in the stadium will been add two lanes to our six-lane track. We are one of the few large high schools to have a six lane track - yet we have the largest track teams in the state - a last count, the girls program has 120 members and the boys have 90 athletes out for track. Those numbers create problems at practice, including safety concerns.

Obviously it is difficult to have large invitational meets with only six lanes, we have not been able to host a conference meet. When its our turn we have to take our workers and teams to Des Moines for the meet.

At this writing we are organizing a committee that will head up the track project. If you have been out for track you should be receiving a letter this summer asking for your financial support. I'll keep you updated in the next newsletter.

Dave Posegate '59 AHS Athletic Director

P.S. What a year!

Class Reunions Coming Up in 1991 and one in 1992


Aug. 23-25 Starlite


July 26-27

Contact Glenn Randau 5one5-7 3 3-2 5 1 3

Contact Laurie Lucht Myers 5one5-232-9 4 6 1


Sept. 27-29

Friday night at Elks Club

Contact Jim Lynch 515-255-6 8 9 two

Saturday picnic noon at Brookside Park


Sept. 6-8

Saturday evening dinner at Scheman, ISU Center

Contact Harry & Bev Davis 515-232-67three2


July 4-6


Aug. 30-Sept 1 Starlite

Contact Bruce & Nancy Adams 515-232-1327

Contact Dan Coy 515- 2 nine 2-7 0 3 5

or Deb Frye Tjelta 515- 2 8 8-two 6 4 6 work

(Sorry, we misprinted the date last time.)

Thursday informal night out That Place


July 5-7 Gateway

Friday all day at Inis Grove Park; Golf at Homewood

Contact Doug Samson 515-232-6321

or Jim Bates 515 . 964 . 5214

Friday dinner & dance at Memorial Union

Saturday all day picnic at Emma McCarthy Lee Park

(Classes '59-63 invited to open house July 5.)


Aug. 9-10

Contact Mary Gilchrist 515- 2three2-3378

Finally, hats off to the class of '42 for advanced planning.
1942 May 14-17, 1992 Gateway
Contact Rev. Wm. Winlock 515- two33-1 3 7 7
Post reunion trip to Paris and the Alps
May 17-27, 1992

Some Have Left Us

1914 Posegate, Edith M. (Ross)


Ames, Iowa

1940 Vilquain, Robert Harlan

4-25-91 Minneapolis, Minn.

1915 Southern, Neta (Snook)


Los Gatos, Calif.

1941 Lantz, Harvey S.


1918 O'Donnell, Beatrice T. (Olson)


1941 Nelson, Leota Evelyn (Gerdes)

4-14-88 Jewell, Iowa

1921 Allen, Harriet


Ames, Iowa

1941 Rodgers, Richard E.

5-14-91 Ames, Iowa

1923 Hucksted, Mona Lucile (Griffith)


1944 Baker, Marorie (Meads)

2-16-91 Mason City, Iowa

1923 McElyea, Clinton


Tipton, hid.

1944 Galvin, Joseph Patrick

8-29-89 Chesterton, Ind.

1923 Milchrist, Velma M. (Allen)


Alvin, Texas

1945 Krotz, Lois Jean (Jewell)

11-12-88 Las Vegas, Nev.

1930 Engeldinger, Harvey Y.


Des Moines, Iowa

1945 Scholten, Muriel (Hohenshell)

4-27-91 Osage Beach, Mn.

1932 Benderoff, Margaret G. (Coats)


Des Moines, Iowa

1945 Stewart, Robert Wayne "Rex"


1933 Kent, Margaret Elizabeth (Taylor)


1947 Hawk, Herbal E.

5-4-91 Albany, Ga.

1933 McCullough, Robert S.


Ames, Iowa

1949 Christensen, Donald E.

4-21-91 Sr. Charles, Ill.

1934 Cox, Virginia (Quaife)


Fayetteville, N.C.

1952 Huntley, James Miller

1-1-91 Southhampton, N.Y.

1934 Trimble, Donald D.


1955 Hyler, Eugene Jackson "lack"

3-18-91 Ames, Iowa

1935 Anderson Irvin J.


Lafayette, Ind.

1956 Phillips, David L.

3-11-91 Springfield, Mo.

1935 Gardner, Marion L.


Mt.View, Calif.

1958 Kilstrom, Bruce Elroy

3-17-91 San Diego, Cali).

1935 Joy, Bonita M.


Des Moines, Iowa

1959 Nickerson, Robert E.

3-26-91 Mesa Ariz.

1936 Weiser, Donald Karl


Ames, Iowa

1961 Firth, Harriet Jane (Andrews)

5-77-88 Charleston, S.C.

1937 Minert, Henry L., Jr.


Fort Myers, Fla.

1967 Tompson, Judy Ann

2-7-91 Ames, Iowa

1938 Gibb, Allan Banks, Jr.


Ames, Iowa

1968 Elbert, James Robert

10-16-90 Des Moines, Iowa

1939 Fosse/, Lenore (Newhouse)


Donna Texas

1991 Page 6 volume 2, issue 2, spring - summer AHS Alumni Association Newsletter

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