Page 3 AHS 1991 Spring Summer

Volume 2 Issue 2 1991 AHSAA newsletter scanned by Ed Hendrickson Jr in 2007

1991 page 3 AHS spring-summer Newsletter volume 2 issue 2

1991 page 3 Ames High School Alumni Assoc. spring-summer newsletter volume 2 issue 2

Page 3 Volume 2, Issue 2, Spring - Summer 1991 AHS Alumni Association Newsletter

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Membership News & Notes

Page 3 Volume 2, Issue 2, Spring - Summer 1991 AHS Alumni Association Newsletter

The City of Ames is still buzzing over the success of the 1991 Boys' State basketball champions. Elsewhere in this publication Bud Legg has written a comprehensive summary of this year's AHS activities. Special note should be made of Fred Hoiberg's perfonnance in the game that got them to the State. We played lndianola at the Central College gym in Pella. Hoiberg had already broken Gene Larson's '71 scoring record (42) previously with 44 points. At the end of the first half Ames led 62-24 and Hoiberg had scored an incredible 38 points! He finished with a new record 51. The roads were very bad and Fred's parents stayed home and listened to it on the radio.

However, it was an “official” game. (An official game is one attended by Jim Michaud '53. Jim misses very few AHS athletic contests.) Also, worthy of note is that junior Seth Anderson averaged 18 ppg. at the State Tournament and made the All-Toumrnent team. His parents are Brian '65 and Elaine Johnson '66 Anderson. We left out an important employee at Ames High School in our last letter. Larry Wearth '73 is a custodian at AHS and was named employee of the year in 1988. All staff and faculty are eligible for that award.

Charlotte Nelson Young, now married to the "King" Verne Young wrote to correct something my father wrote about the 1939 transition in the last issue. He wrote that Herb Adams and Vema Schmidt were the principals of the senior and junior high schools. Charlotte reminded us that Herb Adams didn't arrive in Ames until a few years later. However, Ray Smalling, the good storyteller he is, never lets the facts get in the way of a good story! Dessie Walker Johnson '11 wrote to us about a similar transition in 1911-1913. I'm sure you all remember.

Speaking of teachers, Ruth Haugland Fletcher '74 teaches at Blakesburg High School in southern Iowa. Blakesburg has a high school enrollment of about 40. It's one of the smallest in the state. More teachers - Gretchen Wildman Finn '60 wants a feature on Mary McNally, Amen! Mark Lunde '60 would like to see one on Everett Ritland. E. G. just tumed 80. More on authors - Betty Swanson Cain '35 has written a book about her father “American from Sweden: The Story of A. V. Swanson." He was the manager at JC Penneys for twenty years. Laurel Hanway Kimball '61 has written a book about Spanish- English nursery rhymes,‘Tortillas paramama."

More about Saudi Arabia - Brian Jenkins '76 was a regular reporter for CNN from the Middle East during the war with the Iraqis. Many AHS grads were on active duty. Perhaps the oldest, and certainly the oldest female, was Judy Hutchison Murdock '61 who served as a nurse. Elsewhere in this letter is an article about Neta Snook Southem '15. Her sister, Vivian Smedal '24 tells me that her obituary ran in most of the national newspapers. Read the article to find out why.

Special requests - How many of you remember Beth Struble, who taught at various Ames elementary schools? I do because she was my third grade teacher. Her daughters are Mary Struble Anderson '53 and Margaret Struble Norris '57. Beth Struble Elder's 80th birthday is August 16, 1991. If you want to send her a card or message her address is Mrs. Beth Elder, 148 Lakeview Drive, Mason City, lowa 50401. Also celebrating on August 11, 1991 is Ada Robinson Johns '21. She and her husband William will notch their 70th wedding anniversary. Their address is 1109 Hill, Spirit Lake, Ia 51360.

We had a nice letter from Howard Mullica '34. He sent along a catalog put out by his daughter, Karyn Mullica '60. She provides in- structional materials for disadv antaged children and has quite a business. As reported previously Howard was quite an athlete, and so too appar- ently is Alice Stuve '79. She recently had the best time of all women rumiers in a road race in Des Moines. Congrats, Alice! More athletes - my neighbor Bill McGowan '61 has a license plate that says “EVENPAR". Just stating the facts, right, Bill?

I spent a good deal of time as a youngster at the Fieldhouse softball diamond. My father ran the softball program and the concession stand. His high school help included Bob Hinrichs '53, Mike Ritland '53 and Bob '52 and Jack Peters '49. But as I think back there were quite a few AHS grads playing softball there. Included were Bob Best '38, Rogene Amey '48, Fred Martin '49, Grant Shipp '50, Darrell “Lefty” Moore '48, Howard Mullica '34, Dick Cox '50, Larry Thorpe '49, Ray Bymes '42, Dick Boume '45, Bob Boume '51, Ken King '48 and Lyle Stoops '47. These were my boyhood idols. And some of these guys didn't turn out too bad. Oh yeah, whom did Imiss? And do you remember “Lefty” Moore's popcom stand on Welch Avenue?

Both Bill Gaessler and Darrell Moore from the Class of '48 want someone to fire up the engines and get something organized for their 45th. Tracey Stoll '74 would like to see more alumni leaders from her era. So would we! Mark Powers '70 writes asking about alumni living in foreign countries. It shouldn't take too much to compile such a list. And what do Bill Stuart '57, Marc Sinatra '86 and Chuck Harrnison '76 have in cormnon? They both played on State Champi- onship basketball teams and live in Australia. And finally anote of optimism. Walter Sogard writes looking forward to the Class of '22 70th reunion next year. Mabel Noble Montgomery, here's your notice, you'dbetter get it going. See you all August 5, 1991 at Walker, Minnesota!

Jack Smalling '58

Database News & Notes

Page 3 Volume 2, Issue 2, Spring - Summer 1991 AHS Alumni Association Newsletter

The good news is that our lost list is nearing the 1000 mark. The bad news is that not everyone looks over the lost list on the back of the membership blank. If everyone would glance through that there would be fewer missing alums. Last issue we inquired about the missing Sand family. With the help of Joan Moore Baker '65 and a few others we were able to locate the mother and then all of the family. We chopped nearly 300 names off the list with your help. Keep them coming, please!

Several have inquired about the services we offer to classes for their reunions and mailings. We will provide you with a list of your class- mates, labels for mailing to them and retum address labels for you to use on your letters. There is no charge for this. You may ask for more than one set of labels for mailing. What we do want are the corrections you get back so that we may update our records.

Since we had some luck finding the Sand family we're listing quite a few more below where two or more are missing from one family We're listing as many as space permits. Let us know if you know the whereabouts of any of these lost alums. They are: Barbara '76, Debra '71 and Susan '73 Hart; Jackie '56 and Rebecca '57 Dye; Dorothy '41 and Bill '44 Burdick; Joel '76 and Valerie '74 Christianson; John '60 and Kent '62 Clemens; Amy '76 and Jennifer '74 Cook; Don '73 and Ron '73 Davis; Calvin '75 andSteven '76 Gordon; Janis '69 and Linda '71 Haldeman; Donald '74 and Jamie '71 Henderson; Michael '68 and Steven '70 Hibbs; Shane '78 and Wiley '77 Hoffrnann; Barbara '82 and Robert '81 Jacobsen; Cheryl '77 and Clair '75 James; Robert '71 and Starla '72 Jarrell; Joyce '70and Ramona'67 Jarvis; Deloris '41 and Lillian '41 Johnson; Opal '34 and Medeia '39 Leininger; Carolyn '78 and Derek '77 Lockamy; Greg '77 and Randy '78 Lynder; David '78 and Kathryn '80 Maas; Crystlle '78 and Marvine '77 Martin; Anna '81 and Susan '82 McAnnally; Andrew '70 and Robin '73 McCullough; Pamela '71 and Roberta '71 Moldenhauer; Mark '82 and Susan '82 Morgan; Dale '28 and Gale '28 Morrison; Lyle '83 and Matt '85 Nauman; Marcus '31 and Tait '29 Neeman; Craig '65 and David '72 Nickel; Elisa '82 and Silvia '82 Ocadiz-Garcia; Jerrold '64 and Ronald '70 Pedersen; Lawrence '74 and Peggy '76 Prim; Lauri '69 and Roberto '70 Rey; Brian '77 and Roslyn '79 Shears; Jennifer '86 and Nancy '84 Smith; Harold '78 and Kimberly '80 Smart; David '82 and Jeffrey '80 Swett; Frances '45 and Herbert '45 Thumiond; Janet '82 and Janice '80 Troxel; James '73 and Jolm '72 Ulmer; Rosemary '73 and Shirley '72 Van Sice; Leda '48 and Lela '54 Wand; Ian '70 and Jane '73 Weber; Raymond '73 and Richard '75 Weeks; Gary '72 and Kim '74 Weuve; Jane '82 and Time '84 Wilson; Patricia '65 and Wayne '69 Wynne; Christopher '78 and Susan '75 Young.

Jack Smalling '58

1991 Page 3 volume 2, issue 2, spring - summer AHS Alumni Association Newsletter

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