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Oct 13, 2021 7:00

HTML Validator Browser Extension

I have been using WC3 Validator for years on my live site. Very handy and shows HTML errors and warning in the browser. However the WC3 validator is disabled for localhost site because of security issues.

I like validating my HTML. I think it loads faster, runs cleaner, IMHO because the browser doesn't have to deal with "as much" dysfunctional code, plus I learn and know HTML syntax better. Yesterday, 10/13/2021 I found HTML Validator a Firefox and Chrome web extention, and so far it works well on localhost web pages which is great for Eleventy development. Exciting to be able to do as much as we can locally, that is one of my main goals for exploring and using Eleveny. I currently use the Brave browser which is built on Chrome.

HTML Validator is easy to install into Chrome. Go to Preferences -> Extensions -> Get More Extensions Open Web Store -> search Validator -> click HTML Validator -> install. After installing HTML Validator web extension, right-click any web page in the browser including localhost pages you are building with Eleventy, then click inspect then click the >> to show and click the HTML Validator tab. Click that and see probably errors and mainly warnings on each page. Some of the warnings I ignore but some of the warnings are easily fixed actual HTML errors. Some of them I can't get rid of because of the way Bulma and fontawesome work, for example this line gives a warning, although this is the specified way to code fontawesome.

One nice feature is errors and warnings will update in realtime whenever the page is reloaded, and that is Awesome!!

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