Upgrade to Eleventy v1.0.2, Node.js v16.17.0 and npm v8.15.0

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Aug 30, 2022 7:00

Eleventy v1.0.2 released 15 days ago on August 16, 2022

Eleventy v1.0.2 release notes I think I heard or watched a video that says this version is 25% faster at building !

So ... I upgraded to Eleventy v1.0.2 (MacOS)

First, how to upgrade npm (MacOS)

  1. I haven't updated npm for awhile and Eleventy requires at least v12 at this time. I had npm v16 on my Macbook pro and v14.17.3 on my iMac so I was good to go, but decided to update npm to the latest stable release for MacOS for both my Macbook Pro and iMac systems.
  2. go to Node.js download
  3. Click LTS
  4. click MacOS installer, or whatever operating system you use Windows, Linux, MacOS are all available for Node.js
  5. note: Latest LTS Version of Node.js as of 8/31/2022 = 16.17.0 and that includes npm 8.15.0
  6. download Node.js v16.17.0 pkg to Macbook Pro and iMac
  7. open the pkg installer and install
  8. no issues, easy 2 min install
  9. upgraded both my Macbook Pro and iMac and got the following message in my Terminal
This package has installed:
	 •	Node.js v16.17.0 to /usr/local/bin/node
	 •	npm v8.15.0 to /usr/local/bin/npm

How to upgrade to latest version of Eleventy (MacOS)

  1. Open Terminal on Macbook Pro

  2. since I am use syncthing to syncronize the Sites directory between my Macbook Pro and my iMac, only need to upgrade Macbook Pro and the versions were syncronized between the Macbook Pro and the iMac. The iMac files are upgraded automagically as long as syncthing is running on both and the correct folders are syncronized. This is because my 11ty install is local to the development directories and located in my Sites/11ty_name_of_project area.

  3. cd into the working directory Sites/11ty_name_of_project (Yours will be different. I have eleventy installed locally in my working directory not globally)

  4. ran the following terminal command:

    sudo npm update @11ty/eleventy
    this worked!! easy peasey !!
  5. npx @11ty/eleventy --version

    v 1.0.2