Eleventy v1.0 Upgrade

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I saw Eleventy v1.0 was released 6 days ago January 6, 2022

Eleventy v1.0 release notes

So ... I upgraded to Eleventy v1.0

  1. Open Terminal

  2. cd into the working directory Sites/11ty_name_of_project (Yours will be different. I have eleventy installed locally in my working directory not globally)

  3. tried the following terminal command:

    sudo npm update @11ty/eleventy

    this command did not work.

  4. I uninstalled/reinstalled eleventy and that worked. You might not want to do that drastic of a step.

  5. sudo npm uninstall @11ty/eleventy

  6. sudo npm install @11ty/eleventy

  7. npx @11ty/eleventy

  8. Got errors. I have to layouts names something.liquid and it wasn't liking the SAFE filter so I renamed those 2 files to .njk and edited any files referencing the something.liquid and then it built the side just fine

  9. npx @11ty/eleventy --serve

  10. now it says Copied 652 files /Wrote 486 files in 3.95 sectons (7.9ms each, v1.0.0)

  11. that is what you/we want to see eleventy v1.0.0