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"Oskaloosa Moon" by Author Gary Sutton AHS 1960

image of book cover of the novel, Oskaloosa Moon, by Gary Sutton 1960 AHS Alum Meet Gary Sutton a 1960 Ames High School Alum !

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April 16, 2011

"OSKALOOSA MOON" by Gary Sutton AHS 1960 Alum, available now from "OSKALOOSA MOON" recaptures beauty, pain and adolescent struggles in a mid-American farm village. Fender skirts, corn fields, a shocking new music called Rock and Roll, white bread and Velveeta, and older kids 'making out' punctuate the coming of age for the young boy they call "Moon". He's illegitimate. Disfigured. And Oskaloosa's civic leaders are embarrassed by his presence. Surviving bullies, making and losing friends, stumbling between jobs, and traversing the country in early adulthood, Moon eventually leaves town, gets educated and finally scratches out his own path. In the spirit of Mark Twain's "Huckleberry Finn" and movies like "Forrest Gump", OSKALOOSA MOON reveals the adventures of an outcast boy who was unwilling to be invisible.

From the Inside Flap

It's a farming village in Iowa, just before TV. The boy's got no known father. Worse yet, he's deformed. Town elders are embarrassed by his existence. The village promotes Korn Kastle Days with two billboards on the paved road that passes near their town. The Nazarene, Methodist, Congregational and Lutheran service times are also posted. Catholic signs stand next to the billboards, listing five weekly Masses. He survives bullies and makes friends. Under pressure the youth leaves town, gets educated and struggles, finally scratching out a career and marries. But his eventual return goes rough.

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