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"Reserved for Emporers" by Author Aaron Dietz AHS 1993

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by Author Aaron Dietz 1993 AHS Alum This is Aaron Dietz 1993 AHS Alum!

December 16, 2006

"Reserved for Emperors" Author AaronDietz AHS 1993


Aaron Dietz unleashes his first collection of blogs with over 90 pages of additional commentary! He explains why he is better than you! He tells you how to start an earthquake for free! He organizes your closet!* This book is a regular tour de force!**

* Note: Aaron Dietz does not actually organize your closet; nor does the book.

** If, by "tour," you mean "book," and if by "de force," you mean "for sale."
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Newsflash! If you liked Aaron's first book, "Reserverd for Emperors" then you will love his first novel: "Super"